Solve the mystery or go crazy trying.

You are a band of investigators from various work alignments binded together to solve the mystery. You will search for clues, pursuit murderers and reveal horryfying mysteries.

Will you have the nerves to continue, or your minds will fall apart?

Let's find out in DescEnd.

Rules are quite lightweight and instead of counting the bonuses or penalties they leave place for roleplaying.

Every character has following characteristics:

  • name
  • vitality
  • nervosity
  • profession or specialisation
  • fear he carries
  • mistake he wants to fix

Vitality and insainty points change during time and affect person's will to continue. When any of those jumps out of their safe limits, your character either dies or goes insane and is out of the story.

No return back.

Complete rules can be found here in PDF format:

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PocketMod version

Current version: 1.3.2

My name is Marek J. Kolcun.

I am a programmer, novel writer, player, game master and author of roleplaying games Treshold and For the Colony.

Feel free to check, play and spread them.